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Creche Guard IMMUNE 200ml



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Lameez Williams 06.07.2012

Crèche Gaurd Immune Multivit syrup work magic

My boys are active, have strong bones, they wake up fresh in the mornings and are so full of energy!! Great way to start the day!! When they’re happy, mommy is happy! Thanx to Creche Guard for a good Multivitamin that works magic.


Chanté Fick 06.07.2012

Keep up the good products!!!

Good morning. I recently bought the Creche Guard Immune Multivitamin Syrup and I must say that my 3 year old boy is full of energy and it is also helping him to stay healthy. I also gave the cough syrup a try and it does wonders for his asthma and bad cough that he had. Keep up the Good Products!!!


Dudu Mathebula 06.07.2012

I love Crèche Guard Immune Mulitivit Syrup

I love Crèche Guard Immune Multivitamin because ever since our pediatrician recommended it for our asthmatic son, he hasn’t spent a single day in hospital! It was like a miracle because ever since he was born, we have had no less then five admissions, I wondered why she didn’t recommend it earlier!

Shaunay Losper 06.07.2012

My son has been using Crèche Guard Immune Mulitvit syrup for nearly 4 yrs now. I always struggled with his appetite, so one day I went to the pharmacy and one of the assistants mentioned Crèche Guard. That day I bought it and that same week my son’s teacher at crèche informed me that I should stick to Crèche Guard as she noticed an increase in his appetite. In the mornings he never used to finish his porridge but since he was on Crèche Guard he finished his first bowl and then even asked for another. He is also full of energy, rosy cheeks and “GOD WILLING” seldom gets sick. So it’s safe to say that I am very happy with Crèche Guard.


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Creche Guard IMMUNE 200ml

Creche Guard IMMUNE 200ml

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