I first tried EpiCor after lengthy research online for an immune helper for my daughter who was 5 years old. Tried it on myself for a year before ordering Immuno Armour KIDS for my daughter. One of the best investments I've made.

Having a demanding schedule with work and training 5-6 days a week often leads to not enough sleep and being run-down. Since taking Immuno Armour ADULT I have noticed a big difference in my health and feel like I can accomplish more in each of my training sessions. I am very thankful to have found a product that keeps me healthy and on my feet!
Molly Jo A

I am amazed at the large amount of science behind the development of EpiCor. I believe that the science supporting the use of EpiCor is far greater than that for most of the other products in my arsenal of natural medicines.
Dr. Kim Lyons

As a busy working parent of two children I was struggling to keep up with the daily chores at home and demands of work. I was taking some multi-vitamins because I knew I needed a little support to keep me going as I was constantly tired. It wasn’t until my sister recommended FEMOLENE Mylife and explained the benefits of the multivitamin and multi-mineral that I really started to feel better. After about a month of taking FEMOLENE Mylife I realised how well I slept and felt during the day. I was more focused and able to cope with the day to day pressures. For me it’s been a revolution. My children and work, which were suffering before, are gaining the benefits of a better mum and colleague.
by Dale

I am going on my 3rd week tablets now and it's my 1st month using the product. My mood swings are improving, food cravings are coming down and I am sleeping much better at this stage. The most wonderful feeling is getting rid of the bloating - great feeling! I am so thankful for the product, it points out symptoms I would never thought hormones can cause. Thank you FEMOLENE Mylife for improving my health and life!

I started using Femolene about 2 years ago. Within a couple of weeks all my mood swings and irritability was gone. Stopped last year for 2 months as I thought that I was post-menopausal and did not need it anymore, big mistake. After a month I was back on them and I will continue using them as long as I can! I am also convinced because I have used it for a long time, my hot flushes and other symptoms were a lot less compared to my friends. It just balances my life. I tried cheaper products with similar ingredients but is did not have the same effect for me. Great product!!