My breasts are so firm, that I can go bra-less,which was previously impossible, due to saggy, soft breasts!!! I have now completed the first 2 months of a maintenance programme (only one capsule per day), and I am pleased to observe I have not lost any fullness or size, simply maintaining my new enhanced silhouette! I feel more of a women than ever before, even hesitating to say that I feel and look almost 10 years younger! Kate

There has also been an improvement in firmness. I have not been taking BioBust for 9 months now but the improvements have remained despite the fact that I stopped taking the tablets once I reached my goal. I would recommend BioBust to anyone it has proven itself to be a phenomenal product. Tracy

I started on the recommended dosage of 3 capsules a day which I increased by one capsule every time I bought a new bottle. So by the fourth month I was taking 6 capsules a day. I started seeing results after about two months. Not so much size wise but my breasts were much fuller, rounder I suppose. Another month later I was a definite size 34C. I now fill my Maximiser and also fully understand the concept of cleavage. Six months later after no operations and no procedures I can walk with my chest out, (coz now I've got one) thanks to BioBust!

A dictionary definition for the word Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. This definition does little to explain what arthritis is and how it dramatically affects the life of some-one who has it. I have been an Arthritis sufferer more than 10 years. It all began in my early forties, when I often had swollen, hot, red and painful areas, mainly on my hands, feet and shoulders. The pain and stiffness would sometimes last for days, weeks or months, causing me a lot of sleepless nights. I had seen several doctors over the years for the symptoms who diagnosed tendonitis to arthritis. Even surgery was suggested. During that time I used different NSAIDS which gave me immediate pain relief, but not for the long term. Out of my own sheer interest I have studied and reserearched a lot about arthritis. Initially I focused on the right diet, as to eliminate all red meat, processed foods and citrus fruits. I increased the intake of fresh fish, steamed vegetables and salads. I exercise three time a week and keep my weight maintained. Flexadrin capsules and cream have helped my greatly with Arthritis. I must say they are the best and I tried so many. This formulation has greatly reduced the swelling in affected areas in the joints and remarkably increases my range of movement and mobility within 4 weeks of using the product. I don’t wake up anymore with pain. The joy of feeling better has prompted me to share these products with anyone who would be interested.