After having two operations on my right ankle to remove calcification on the joint, from a paragliding accident in 1996, certain types of exercise/activities result in pain. Golf is one activity that results in a swollen foot and throbbing pain. Since using Flexadrin cream before and after my golf game, I am able to enjoy my golf game by walking the course and I recover from pain after each game with in 30 minutes. I have also noticed a mobility in my ankle that I did not have after my operations.

I have been using the Flexadrin cream and taking the capsules for a little over two years. Two and a half years ago I had a bone operation on my right foot. It had a build-up of calcium and spurs between the joint of my large toe and the ball of my foot. On one of my rehab workouts, I met Derek Boosey on the Track at UC San Marles. Derek could see I was having trouble putting any weight on my right foot without severe pain. My stride looked like a modified gallop. The following workout Derek brought me some cream and told me to put it on and I would see a great improvement in reduced pain. I can truly say that I felt a degree of relief from that first day I applied it, however, it kept improving as I started using it throughout the day. Shortly after I started using the capsules between the cream and the capsules I gradually and continually improved both on and off the track. Last August 2003, I completed at the USATF Championships held at Eugene, Oregon. I had a surprisingly good meet. Won the 2000 meter steeplechase (National Record), won the 800 meter run (missed the World Record by 4 seconds) won the 1500 meter run, got second in the 400 meter run, and anchored 3 gold medal relays, 4X100, 4X400, 4X800. This past March I competed in the USATF Championships in Boston, Mass. I won the mile run and the 800 run (broke the National record by 4 seconds). I personally feel that meeting Derek and his introducing me to the Flexadrin cream and capsules, was truly a Godsend, and answer to my prayers. In two days I am flying to Decatur, I1. for the USATF championships. You can be sure I will have my cream and capsules with me.

I have had osteoarthritis for several years in my spine, left hip and knee. About 1½-2 years ago, I was made aware of Flexadrin capsules and cream. I would say both have helped me very much! The cream has really been wonderful in relieving the pain and stiffness so I can function like a human being again. I have a friend who had a very achy finger, she used the cream and within ½ hour the pain was gone and never returned!