The bacteria found
in the gut has
many functions
that are essential
to the general
health and
wellbeing of
your baby.




All health and wellbeing starts with the gut. When taken on a regular basis MiBiotix BD Baby will support the microflora balance in the gut and general health.

In 1907 Russian scientist and Nobel Prize laureate, Eli Metchnikoff, made several dramatic statements, which rapidly earned him the reputation of being a quack. What he proposed was that there are good bacteria (probiotics) in the human intestine that may have a host of health-inducing benefits, including slowing down the ageing process! Today we know that Dr Metchnikoff was actually onto something big (well actually something very small, because these strains of helpful bacteria measure less than 2000th of a millimetre!)

Probiotics have several mind-boggling functions in the human intestine.
These include: (Kim et al 2010, FAO/WHO 2002, FAO/WHO 2001, Isolauri et al 2001) • the digestion of certain food components,
• the production of vitamin B12,
• improving the absorption of minerals,
• the regulation of the protective barrier of the gut,
• hastening the repair of the lining of the gut,
• the suppression of bad bacteria that are ingested through food,
• reducing the occurrence of allergies and eczema in children,
• decreasing the incidence of common infections in day care centres,
• and, very importantly, the strengthening of the immune system!
All the more reason to make sure you have a healthy bacterial balance!

When your baby is born via the vaginal tract he/she swallows small amounts of vaginal fluid, which contains the good bacteria. Your baby also swallows probiotics derived from the skin around the nipple and areola through breastfeeding. The bacteria then start colonising your baby’s sterile gut, which leads to all the wonderful benefits listed above. The benefit of a stronger immune system is obviously something you would like your vulnerable new-born to have!

But how do things go wrong? The answer to this is fourfold.
• You could have started the final phases of your pregnancy with imbalanced bacteria or ‘intestinal dysbiosis’, which means you may not be a carrier of the ideal strains of bacteria for your baby. This could be due to a recent course of antibiotics, an underlying chronic illness or to prolonged stress and anxiety.
• You could be a diligent user of strong antibacterial soaps that eliminate healthy bacteria from your skin.
• Your baby was born via caesarean section and had no contact with your vaginal fluid.
• Your baby could have needed antibiotics at an early age. This could result in an imbalance in his/her intestine that can take months to recover.

The bottom line is this, mommy and baby can definitely benefit from supplemental bacteria! Yes I know you’re thinking you’ll just eat more yoghurt! Remember that bacteria in yoghurt are there for the taste and you would need at least 200 litres of yoghurt a day to get the full benefit of the probiotics!

So, if you’re one of those people who can’t eat 200 litres of yoghurt a day, here’s what to do!

For your new-born – you can give bacteria from the first day of life. Look out for strains like Bifidobacterium Infantis and Bifidobacterium Lactis.

For your toddler and yourself – humans above the age of 1 year share similar bacteria so make sure you use a good mix containing Lactobacilli like Acidophilus, Rhamnosus & Salivarius and Bifidobacteria like Longum, Bifidum & Lactis. They should be used regularly but especially during antibiotic use and during illness.

Enjoy your baby and be sure to make healthy bacteria a part of this exciting journey!

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The bacteria found in the gut have many functions that are essential to general health and wellbeing of your baby. All health and wellbeing starts with the gut. When taken on a regular basis MiBiotix BD Baby will support the microflora balance in the gut and general health.

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