Joint aliments are characterized by pain, inflammation and swelling.




All health and wellness starts in the gut. When taken on a regular basis MiBioitx Joint Health will
support the microflora in your gut and support your joints  health.
Remember to “Always start with your gut”

It may surprise you that a large part of your bone and joint health actually may stem from your gut. That’s where trillions of bacteria help influence your health, and studies are showing that the health of your bones and joints is associated with the bacteria in your gut environment.

With 80% of your immune cells residing in the GI tract, your immune system truly depends on a plethora of healthy bacteria in the small and large bowel in order to function in a balanced, consistent way. That’s why it’s so important to take steps toward ensuring your gut environment stays teeming with friendly bacteria.

In fact, a 2012 study in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry found that SPECIFIC probiotic strains can boost our body’s antioxidant properties, slowing the oxidation (or breakdown) of our bones.

Probiotic supplements also support efficient nutrient absorption from the foods and supplements that you consume every day. That means that as you’re taking steps to revolutionize your diet in an effort to support your bones and joints, a quality probiotic with SPECIFIC strains can help your body to naturally receive the maximum nutritional benefit that these foods and vitamins have to offer. It really is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the most from your healthy diet!

Many doctors have noted the results that Celadrin® has had on people using it for various conditions, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Doctors have said that Celadrin® does help considerably with pain relief, and anti-inflammatory effectiveness.
Celadrin® has been involved in many clinical trials, mostly based in America and has been published in the Journal of Rheumatology, with all positive reactions from scientists and doctors.

As we age, our bones naturally weaken. By slowly incorporating specific exercises, you can build up the muscle around your joints to help your body stay strong, even as you age. If making a trip to the gym isn’t your thing, there are plenty of options for incorporating exercise in your daily routine, including:

  • Aerobic exercises: Enjoy a walk, hike the trails, or move to the beat in a dance class. When planning your workout, remember that high-intensity exercises like running aren’t as kind on your joints and bones.
  • Strength training: Beef up your muscles as you lift weights and use resistance bands. Strengthening your body can help you lose extra pounds that are weighing down your body and could be causing joint or bone issues.
  • Improve flexibility: Simply stretching your body or participating in yoga can make a huge difference. After a healthy warm-up, as little as ten minutes of yoga per day can benefit your bones. However, if you’re already struggling with bone loss, then be careful as some stretches and twists can strain your body even more if you don’t ease into them.
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Joint aliments are characterized by pain, inflammation and swelling.
All health and wellness starts in the gut.
When taken on a regular basis MiBioitx Joint Health will
support the microflora in your gut and support your joints health.

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