Autism and the Gut Microbiome, there is a connection!

Autism is increasing at rapid rates across the USA and the world, the CDC released statistics in early 2020 that showed the rate had increased to 1 in 36 children up from 1 in 150 in 2000.

Where the difference is

Researchers across the world have set out to find what the cause for this rapid increase in cases is and how to slow or prevent it. Many have believed and still do believe that it is linked to genetics and that particular genes in kids result in this disorder, however, there has never been any scientific proof that this is the case.

Research is showing that this disorder is switched on and not something you just have running in your genetics. While it is true that the genealogic makeup of our DNA has the possibility of getting not just autism but many other diseases, ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder), is something that is triggered similarly to smoking and cancer.

Reduce the risk of any autism disorders

More and more research is showing that environmental factors are heavily at play with people diagnosed with ASD. The evidence is showing a correlation with the community of microbes that live in the colon (Microbiome) being in dysbiosis and possibly being the cause of ASD. In order words, when the gut microbiome is filled with the wrong bacteria the gut becomes dysbiotic or unnaturally out of balance which is now being shown to be a possible trigger for ASD.

There is now more than ever significant research being done on proving that ASD is as a result of the unbalanced gut microbiome that is caused by many contributing factors.

Some of these include metal toxicity, mold exposures and vaccines, all these and more could possibly put the gut in a state of dysbiosis.

While it is true we cannot avoid all toxic triggers in our daily life such as air pollutants, artificial food ingredients, medications, viruses and even stress, we can repair the damage that these do to the gut microbiome but ensuring that our gut is replaced with the correct bacteria that will allow the microbiome to live in symbiosis or harmony.

Unfortunately, there are many factors at play with pregnant women, such as, premature births, C sections, formula fed babies as well as a lack of the correct nutrients such as fiber that have a damaging effect on the baby.

Babies also inherit their microbiome, where their immune systems live, from their mothers, and if mom has a problem, then this once again leads to a possibility of ASD in baby.

It is vitally important that the microbiome of both mom and baby are both living in harmony or symbiosis as this will reduce the risk of any autism disorders as well as many other illnesses or infections.

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By ensuring mom is on a good probiotic like MiBiotix PRENATAL capsules, with the right strains of bacteria, her microbiome will be in tip top condition.  Baby will inherit her microbiome and be in a much better position to cope with all the factors thrown at it.

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MiBiotix DAILYBIOTIC Baby Drops

Baby will also need to be on a good probiotic specifically designed to support its microbiome, like MiBiotix DAILYBIOTIC Baby Drops.  As mentioned, the factors conspiring against baby for example C Section, being bottle fed and moms microbiome not being healthy, need to be taken care of.  This is very important in order to protect against the possibility of developing ASD and a compromised immune system.

Remember, “Always start with your gut”

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