I watch what I eat, I exercise regularly so why can't I shed those extra kilo’s?

The flora in your gut has a huge impact on your body weight and your body mass index (BMI). Even if you are on a calorie-restricted diet, exercise regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle programme your ability to lose weight could be impaired if your gut still contains high levels of the wrong type of bacteria. 

The Gut Police

Beneficial bacteria in the gut help to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat and use them correctly, so no matter how healthy your diet is, if you can’t absorb the nutrients from your food correctly you will always feel hungry as your body craves adequate nutrition and this can lead to over eating and weight gain.

Studies show that gut bacteria varies significantly between overweight and thin people. Overweight people have about 20% more of the “bad” bacteria and 90% less of the “good” bacteria when compared to their thinner counterparts.

We need Balance

When our microbiome is out of balance the gut barrier becomes permeable and toxins slip through resulting in inflammation and this can compromise weight loss efforts.

Research shows that probiotics also work to support healthy blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity and increasing insulin secretion, in other words, they balance our blood sugar levels which keep our weight in check.

We need to be specific

We need to be specific In recent human clinical studies, researchers analyzed nearly 2,000 adults from 25 trials and found that the use of specific probiotics reduced both weight and BMI, over a period of eight weeks or more. Bifidobacterium lactis, also known as B. Lactis, a key ingredient in MiBiotix Shape SP, is a specific type of bacteria that is being hailed as the superstar for gut health and weight loss.

Clinical studies show that Bifidobacterium lactis helps control body fat mass, trunk fat mass, waist circumference and decreased energy levels while speeding up metabolism.


MiBiotix Shape SP, taken once a day, is made up of Bifidobacterium lactis consisting of 10 BILLION CFUs.

MiBiotix Shape SP combined with a healthy lifestyle and controlled diet, supports weight loss and an optimal body mass index, controls body fat mass, waist size and helps cut down calories while speeding up metabolism.

Power up with MiBiotix Shape SP to ensure that you have plenty of beneficial bacteria in your gut to support your healthy weight loss efforts.
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I am a very active person, exercise daily and eat a well-balanced diet but was struggling to lose the belly fat that I have picked up over the years. Since I started taking MiBiotix SP Shape about a month ago I can already feel that I have lost weight especially around my waist and I can feel that my clothes feel a lot more comfortable.

Remember, “Always start with your gut”

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