Mom, you can ensure a lifetime of health for your baby by giving them an immune system that is strong and healthy.

During the first two years of your baby’s life he/she inherits your bacterial flora, so your gut health is very important.

A healthy gut is critical for expectant mothers so that baby develops the immunity needed through good bacteria that has been passed down from mom. A baby is born with a mostly sterile gut and they depend on their mom’s beneficial bacteria to kick start their immune system.  

Without the right balance in the gut, their immune system might not develop properly which could lead to a host of health problems. In a properly balanced gut the good bacteria outnumber the bad bacteria and help to keep the immune system strong.

Getting it all from Mom

When the mom’s water breaks and baby begins to descend through the birth canal, the baby begins to pick up vaginal bacteria from mom, which becomes baby’s first colonizers that set the stage for proper growth, development and optimum immune function.

Within hours of baby being born you are able to introduce loads of friendly bacteria via breast milk to enhance your baby’s immune system.  There is a direct connection between the organisms in a mother’s gut and those in her milk and recent research has shown how important breast milk is in establishing baby’s health.

Probiotics while pregnant

Research shows that taking a probiotic while pregnant supports you and your baby by strengthening your immune system, supporting healthy glucose levels, helping your digestive system to work more efficiently,reducing pregnancy-related constipation, promoting proper nutrient absorption and supporting a more balanced mental and emotional function.
The use of probiotics during pregnancy also reduces the risk of childhood allergic disease by half and decreases infant atopic dermatitis and eczema risk
Studies have shown that by taking probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding there is a positive influence on a child’s immune system.  

MiBiotix Prenatal PN

MiBiotix Prenatal PN, taken once a day, is made up 10 Billion CFUs consisting of: 1 Billion CFU Lactobacillus acidophilus, 4 Billion CFU Lactobacillus rhamnosus, 1 Billion CFU Lactobacillus gasseri, 4 Billion CFU Bidobacterium lactis, 500 Million CFU Bidobacterium infantis.

MiBiotix Prenatal PN will help to strengthen your immune system, support healthy glucose levels, help your digestive system to work more efficiently,reduce pregnancy-related constipation, promote proper nutrient absorption and a host of other health benefits to both you and babyand is safe to use throughout your pregnancy giving you the energy to feel your best during and after that life changing experience.

  • MiBiotix PRENATAL
    R273.75 available on subscription

Daleen Totten interviews Dr Anton Janse Van Rensburg on the most important supplement you and your baby should be taking during pregnancy.

Remember to “Always start with your gut”.

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