- caffe latte

Fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk


- caffe americano

Espresso Shots and Light Layer of Crema


- cappuccino

Espresso, and Smoothed Layer of Foam


- iced caramel latte

Espresso, Milk, Ice and Caramel Sauce


- caramel mocchiato

Espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup and milk


- espresso macchiato

Rich Espresso With Milk and Foam


- iced caffe mocha

Espresso, bittersweet mocha sauce, milk and ice


- vanilla latte

Espresso Milk With Flavor,and Cream


- white chocolate mocha

Espresso, White Chocolate, Milk, Ice and Cream


- iced smoked latte

Espresso, ice, with smoked butterscotch


- ised gingerbread latte

Espresso, Milk, Ice, and Gingerbread Flavor


- frappuccino

Espresso, and Smoothed Layer of Foam


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