With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to strengthen your family’s immune system.

Keeping the bugs at bay couldn’t be easier this season.

Colds and flu always seem to be rife when the seasons change. Shifts in temperature allow different groups of viruses, germs and foreign substances (such as pollen and dust) to enter your body increasing your vulnerability to infections and making you sick.

Clever Gut

Studies show that with the change of seasons comes a change in the way our immune systems function, not only do the changing seasons affect immune cells and influence the activity of many genes that are involved in immunity, but they also alter the composition of blood and fat tissue.

A Rockstar Support Band

Immuno Armour supports your immune system in many different ways. Unlike other immune ingredients on the market that simply boost, Immuno Armour works on multiple levels to strengthen your immune system right throughout the year.

It is formulated with a ground breaking immune ingredient called Saccharomyces cerevisiae to strengthen your immune system.

Immuno Armour is rich in amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that help strengthen your immune system and support your health against common seasonal ailments.

It also supports your respiratory and sinus health, maintains nasal comfort, reduces allergy symptoms and maintains immune defences for daily challenges.

Remember Your Armour This Season

Immuno Armour is the ideal way to support daily immune health keeping your body healthy, productive and helping to prevent you being attacked by those nasty viruses and germs this season.

Immuno Armour ADULT 30 Capsules
R309.95 available on subscription
Immuno Armour KIDS 30 Chews
R239.95 available on subscription
Immuno Armour ADULT 60 Capsules
R558.95 available on subscription
Immuno Armour FIZZI
R311.85 available on subscription
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Clinically Proven Immune Strength

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