Your immune system is your body’s defence against infections and other foreign invaders.

It is an interconnected network that protects you from harmful bacteria, microbes, toxins, parasites and viruses.

A compromised immune system means that your body is left without any natural protection against these invaders. When your immune system is not functioning properly you experience more complications from illnesses and infections and your recovery time will be much slower than if your immune system was firing on all cylinders.

Stress, lack of sleep and allergies also affect your immune strength.

An under active or weakened immune system will open you up to increased exposure to nasty viruses, and that is why you definitely need to strengthen the immune system; not boost it!

Your Immune System is in your GUT.

80% of your immune system lives in your gut and is home to a huge number of bacteria essential to your wellbeing. The immune system needs the right combination of good bacteria in the gut to function optimally.

By having good bacteria in your gut, the bad bacteria do not get a chance to multiply and cause disease. However, if the bad bacteria flourish and eliminate the good bacteria, your gut’s bacteria is then thrown out of harmony and your immune system is under pressure and open to those nasty invaders.

The Solution

Research has shown that the daily use of a good probiotic supplement such as MiBiotix DAILYBIOTIC, that includes a strain called Bacillus subtilis in its formula, is key in keeping the gut healthy, alleviating excessive inflammation and strengthening the immune system.

Not only does MiBiotix DAILYBIOTIC support good digestive function, boost immunity and respiratory health but it also encapsulates the most recent scientific breakthroughs in the field of Immune Health.

MiBiotix DAILYBIOTIC will give your body all the tools it needs to ward off those nasty viruses such as corona, giving you peace to enjoy good health, everyday.


Your gut microflora is significantly reduced during and following antibiotic treatment. Your gut microflora plays an important role in your immune system as they act as the first line of defence in fighting bacteria and viruses. It is therefore important to replace these bacteria and keep them healthy.

It can take up to six months to restore the microflora in the gut to a healthy state after antibiotic treatment. Therefore it is very important to continue taking a good probiotic supplement for at least six months after antibiotic treatment. There are also many other reasons why we should all be taking a good probiotic on a daily basis. Its actually much more important than taking a multivitamin. Always start with your gut, then add any other supplements you need.

MiBiotix DB Dailybiotic, for adults can be taken daily to support gut health, immunity and general well-being.

Remember to “Always start with your gut”.

Mibiotix is gluten and dairy free.

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Remember to “Always start with your gut”.

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