“We have been fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 39:14.

No soldier fights a battle without a weapon! What if I told you, you were created with a secret weapon to help win the battle between any virus and your immune system?  You guessed it … the secret weapon is called your “Natural Killer Cells”

Inside our immune system we have white blood cells known as Natural Killer cells or NK cells. NK cells are designed to help seek out and destroy colds, flu, viruses and other potential threats that try and attack our immune system. NK cells play a major role in protecting us from disease as well as detecting and controlling early signs of cancer. But just like in any battle the victory cannot be dependent upon one soldier alone, they always need back up!

Immuno Armour contains a special ingredient called Saccharomyces cerevisiae that activates your NK cells, strengthening your immune system and getting it ready for any invaders that may want to attack it.

Immuno Armour also supports year- round and seasonal respiratory and sinus health, optimises your immune defence to help face daily challenges and maintains healthy gut function.

With an increase in NK cell activity, these cells become fast and effective in seeking out and destroying infection and unwanted attackers.

So, choose Immuno Armour and support your Natural Killer cells in dealing with any attack your immune system has to deal with. Make sure your health is a battle you always win!

Put your armour on today and every day with Immuno Armour, the King of immune supplements.

Clinically Proven Immune Strength

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