RESTORE balance
hydration powder

RESTORE BALANCE Hydration Powder, with the GREAT orange flavour, replenishes missing fluids and electrolytes


Hydration powder

Restore electrolytes and re hydrates.

RESTORE Balance Hydration Powder:

  • reduce diarrhea duration by up to 22%
  • reduce stool volume up to 36%
  • replace electrolytes after exercising
  • restore fluid balance after over indulgence
  • and boost energy
Available at all leading pharmacies countrywide, or shop online here now.

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RESTORE balance hydration powder

Replenishes missing fluids and electrolytes.

RESTORE BALANCE Hydration Powder may assist the body to reduce diarrhoea, replace electrolytes after exercising, restore fluid balance after overindulgence, boosts energy and is Lactose and Tartrazine free. Restore Hydration Powder has no metallic taste.

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