Your body can retain its youthful looks and boundless energy simply by looking after your gut and skin microflora.

Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and is a good indicator of your overall level of health and wellbeing. Your appearance on the outside depends on what’s happening on the inside.

Science is now proving that even if you have the most expensive skin care regime, your ANTI-AGING saving grace is, in fact, the bacteria in your gut.   


Your skin is constantly under attack by free radicals damaging molecules that come from light, pollution, cigarette smoke, to name a few, all of which accelerate aging.


Free radicals can wreak havoc on your skin as they are responsible for breaking down your skin’s collagen resulting in unsightly wrinkles, fine lines and loose sagging skin. As one becomes older your body is less able to fight and bounce back and you end up spending thousands of rands a month trying to age less.

The importance of the gut-skin connection

Your skin acts as a physical barrier to safeguard your internal organs and keep out pathogens and other toxins.  Microflora not only live in the human gut, but there is also a skin microbiome, where friendly microorganisms live for protection. 


The gut and skin microbiota are made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses, derived from thousands of different strains, that live together as an intricate ecological community.


The gut microbiome has a direct influence on the skin microbiome and the beneficial effects of gut bacteria play a big part on skin health and appearance.

This relationship between these organs is referred to as the “skin-gut axis.” A healthy gut microbiome plays a major role in how well the body ages. If one has, for example, intestinal dysbiosis, which is a state of microbial imbalance, there could be the potential to negatively impact skin function and lead to unhealthy ageing.

SPECIFIC Probiotics for Anti-Aging

Good bacteria in the gut help eliminate the toxins and free radicals and oxidative stress that damage the skin and cause early signs of aging. 

A double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial included 110 women volunteers, aged between 41 and 59 years, all of whom had dry skin and wrinkles. They either took a placebo or a SPECIFIC probiotic supplement every day. Skin hydration, wrinkles, skin gloss and skin elasticity were measured every 4 weeks during the study period and after 12 weeks of tracking the changes, the volunteers taking the supplement showed a reduction in wrinkle depth as well as a significant improvement in skin gloss and skin elasticity. This confirmed that there was an anti-aging benefit to the skin when SPECIFIC probiotics were used and confirmed the “gut-skin axis”.

MiBiotix ANTI-AGING enhances the gut-skin connection by improving the levels of hydration of your skin, increasing skin elasticity, repairing the harmful damage caused by free radicals, as well as strengthening the skin’s barrier function. 

MiBiotix ANTI-AGING  can reduce visible signs of aging by helping skin to stay healthy and well hydrated for longer periods of time making wrinkles less visible.


When taken on a regular basis MiBiotix ANTI AGING will support the microflora in your gut and your skin, restore the pH of acidic skin, reduce the impact of oxidative stress and help you age beautifully.

MiBiotix ANTI AGING needs to be a part of your daily skin care routine as you age.

Boosting your inner health with MiBiotix ANTI AGING can make a huge difference to the effect that your advancing years have on your skin and overall wellbeing.

Remember, “Always start with your gut”

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Remember to “Always start with your gut”.

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